Best and Strongest Aquarium Silicone: Buying Guide

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Having an aquarium can give you hours of entertainment, and seeing your own little fish (or big ones) thriving gives a sense of pride. However, the aquarium you use could give you trouble. Leaks do happen, and this can be quite frustrating.

Fortunately, there’s a quick and effective way to take care of leaks. You can use aquarium silicone to fix the leak and have a fully functional aquarium once again. Let’s take a look at some of the best silicone products you can choose from that can help you keep your aquarium in tip-top condition.

Best Aquarium Silicone Reviews

Comparison Chart

Clear Aquarium Silicone Sealant – 10.2 Fluid oz Cartridge
Aqueon Aquarium Silicone Sealant Clear 3 Ounces
41tnGVvF0yS. SL160
Henkel 908570 2.7 oz Tub Clear Silicone Waterproof Sealant, Single Tube
31mJnKD5nSL. SL500
Aquascape 82000 Clear Silicone Sealant Safe for Fish and Plants, 10.1-Ounce Caulk Tube
Marineland 31003 Silicone Squeeze Tube, 2.8-Ounce, 85.05-Gram

Clear Aquarium Silicone Sealant by ASI

This silicone from ASI has been made specifically with aquariums in mind. It will make a very tight seal that can withstand exposure to saltwater, as well as freshwater. Because the bond is long-lasting, you won’t have to stress about reapplying it again and again.

The silicone is clear in appearance, so there’s no need to worry about it ruining the look of your tank. You will be able to seal off any irritating leaks and have your tank looking as fantastic as it should.


There is no need to struggle with primers when using this silicone for leaks. The bond is very good, so primers are uncalled for. The silicone will not shrink or crack, so this is certainly a trusted solution for the leaks in your aquarium.

You can use the silicone vertically, as well, with no problems. You won’t notice any unattractive sagging or flowing that could reduce the effectiveness as it cures.

The curing of this silicone takes quite a while, though. You can expect to wait a week or two before it has completely cured and the aquarium can be used again. Sure, you can skip this wait, but it could affect just how well the silicone works. On the plus side, it’s not at all toxic to fish.

ASI’s silicone is resistant to all the things that could make it less effective. This includes airborne chemicals, ozone, and UV radiation. This product is considered one of the best when it comes to giving you value for your money. Plus, you don’t need to use a lot of this product to get good results.

However, there is a rather strong vinegar odor that could put many people off. This smell is very strong. In addition, it leaves a residue on your hands, so if you’re not using gloves, that could be a problem. If the smell and residue aren’t big problems for you, then you will love this product. It is easily one of the best silicone products for aquariums on the market.


  • Creates a really strong bond that seals off even stubborn leaks
  • Silicone is safe for fish, as it contains no toxins
  • Does not require primers before application
  • Easy to apply, even in vertical spaces
  • Very good value for the money


  • The strong vinegar smell could be off-putting
  • If used without gloves, residue could form on hands
  • Takes a long time to cure completely

Aqueon Silicone Sealant

Aqueon’s silicone sealant is a huge favorite with aquarium users. The product is trusted and relied upon by many users who swear by this brand. It is a strong and very effective sealant. With that said, it is not at all expensive. In fact, it is much more affordable than many other sealants, while being just as strong. It’s made of 100% silicone with no added chemicals that could be toxic.


If you’re looking for a silicone sealant that will fix the irritating leak in your aquarium, you will love this product. It is manufactured to work and work well. It is absolutely safe to use because it won’t harm any of the fish in your tank.

The silicone is very easy to apply, and you don’t need to apply a lot of it, either. With just a little bit, you can create a high-strength, permanent seal that will repair all leaks.

The strength of this silicone is comparable to the materials used when aquariums are manufactured. It will not shrink or crack over time as it cures. You won’t have to worry about unsightly messes or stains, either. Your aquarium will still look great after you’ve fixed the leak(s) with this product.

Aqueon doesn’t take ages to cure. You will be able to use your aquarium again within 24 to 48 hours of application.

For obvious reasons, an aquarium sealant should be waterproof, which this product is. However, it should be noted that the silicone sealant comes in a rather inferior bottle. It seems the manufacturers concentrated more on creating a strong product than on the bottle it comes in.

There’s also a strong smell that lingers while the sealant is still wet. If you can live with that, you won’t find much else wrong with this sealant. It is effective, strong, and very affordable – a truly superb combo.


  • Doesn’t take days on end to cure properly
  • Works very well to create a strong and reliable bond
  • Sealant won’t crack or shrink while curing
  • Completely safe for all kinds of fish
  • The product doesn’t ruin the appearance of an aquarium


  • There’s a strong smell in the air while the sealant cures
  • The product comes in a very low-quality bottle

Loctite Clear Silicone Waterproof Sealant

41tnGVvF0yS. SL500

This sealant by Loctite is the perfect solution for when emergencies happen. If you notice a leak in your aquarium, you’ll want to repair it as soon as possible. That’s where Loctite comes in. It’s not only able to effectively seal the leak, or leaks, but it does so very quickly.

Loctite is known for working within 24 hours. This means no waiting around for days before you can put your fish back in their home. The materials used to make this silicone sealant promote a much quicker time of curing for your convenience.


This sealant is great to have around because it’s not only good for sealing aquarium leaks. You’ll also be able to use the product on a variety of different surfaces, including ceramic, appliances, and toys. It also comes in a handy small applicator, so you can easily store it away, perhaps in your aquarium cabinet.

The seal that this silicone creates is waterproof (has to be!) and safe for fish. There are no toxic materials used to make the product, so you can use it on your aquarium with a clean conscience.

The silicone cures quickly and won’t peel or crack in the process. You will be able to accurately apply the sealant. Also, because it’s clear in color, there’s no messy look to stress about.

However, as is the case with most sealants, there is a very notable smell. It will linger while you apply the sealant and as it cures. Fortunately, it cures fast, so you’ll be rid of the smell quicker than with other products. You should also be careful when squeezing the tube to apply the silicone sealant. It isn’t made of the toughest material and could even burst.

If those two points don’t deter you, you will find this product to be very effective at its job. Leaks are no longer a big stress. They are just something to take care of with Loctite.


  • This sealant cures much faster than other products
  • Is very affordable for most people
  • Comes in a handy, small tube/bottle
  • The product is versatile and can be used on many surfaces
  • Works very well and creates a very strong sealing bond
  • The silicone contains no toxins and is safe for all fish types


  • Sealant has a strong and unpleasant smell during curing
  • Comes in a poorly-made tube that could break

Aquascape Silicone Sealant

31mJnKD5nSL. SL500

Aquascape Silicone Sealant is a great option for aquariums, fountains, and blends better with liners. While the sealant will look good, it will also work well. The materials used in manufacturing ensure a strong and lasting bond to fix all leaks. This is a 100% silicone sealant for the best results.


Aquascape’s silicone sealant comes in a very handy and large 10-ounce tube. You also get a caulking gun that will make applying it so much easier. Looking for a silicone sealant that doesn’t require your hands getting messy? This is the product you’ve been searching for. Using the gun also gives a smoother application.

The sealant also has another feature that makes it stand out – a moisture shield. This means it fixes leaks even better than its competitors. You can even use it to patch up pond liner holes, should the need arise.

Something this product has in common with its competitors, though, is the strong smell it emits. You’ll notice a vinegar smell while the sealant cures, and it can be very potent.

Also, it is suggested that you use gloves, as well as safety goggles, when applying the sealant. It can sting your eyes because of how strong it is. Play it safe for your eyes’ sake.

41ybcuDAepL. SL500


  • Seals fast and creates a strong bond
  • The product is safe to use for any fish and plants
  • Features a moisture shield for better sealing
  • Comes with a handy caulking gun for smooth application


  • Has a very notable and strong vinegar smell when drying
  • Not safe to handle without gloves or goggles

Marineland Silicone Caulker

If you’re in a pickle and you need a silicone sealant that can dry immediately, this is what you need. Marineland boasts the ability to cure faster than similar products. That doesn’t mean the product’s bond is inferior, though. In fact, it’s just as strong as its competitors.


Applying silicone sealant is normally a messy process, and this product is no exception. You will need to be patient when applying, but if you are, you will be richly rewarded.

With that being said, the sealant comes with a narrow and long nozzle that will help you a lot. It will be much easier to reach any leaks. Plus, the grip this sealant offers is impressive.

Marineland’s sealant is versatile. It can fix any aquarium leak you can throw at it, and it can be used on other items, as well. You could even fix that vase you accidentally dropped and hid away when no one was looking.

The sealant is completely safe for your fishy friends and aquarium plants, as there are no toxins in the product.

You should be warned that the smell of this sealant is very bad, and it lasts for up to 2 days. This could put off a lot of people. The nozzle that comes with the sealant might be long and narrow, but it could fall short in one aspect. It isn’t very broad. This could be a problem for some applications.


  • The sealant comes with a nozzle for better application
  • You get a very impressive grip from the product
  • It dries much faster than many other products
  • The silicone is versatile and has many uses
  • There are no harmful toxins to be found in the sealant


  • The strong and pungent odor could last for up to 2 days
  • The nozzle may not be broad enough for some applications


Now you know of a handful of great silicone sealants to use on your leaking aquarium. It’s not easy to choose a ‘best’ with this bunch, but the Aqueon Silicone Sealant is very popular for a reason. It works well and isn’t difficult to use.

The smell may be strong, but that’s the case with all sealants. Marineland’s product is also a good choice, as it comes with an application nozzle. However, many think the nozzle isn’t broad enough. In the end, what you use depends on what you need. Happy ‘hunting’!

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