Best Silicone Caulk for Shower of 2022: Top 5 Recommendations

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Don’t we all just love the convenience of having a shower in our homes, at the gym, or the pool? Sure, there is little as relaxing and comforting as a long, steamy bath, but we don’t all have luxurious access to a bathtub. Sometimes we don’t have the time either.

Life is growing ever more demanding of us, especially as the responsibilities begin to pile up. The convenience of a hot morning shower is undoubtedly not unappreciated. It might not be as comfortable as a bath, but its conveniences fit our lifestyles better. Let’s take a look at some of the best options available when it comes to silicone caulk for your shower.

Best Silicone Caulk for Showers Reviews

Comparison Chart

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General Electric GE360 Kitchen and Bath Silicone I Caulk, 2.8-Ounce, Clear
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Gorilla 8060002 100% Silicone Sealant, 10 oz, White, 1-Pack
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Momentive Performance Materials, 2-Pack, Almond
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Red Devil 0406 Duraguard Kitchen & Bath Siliconized Acrylic Caulk, 10.1 oz, White
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GE Sealants & Adhesives All Purpose Silicone 1 Sealant, 10.1oz, Clear

General Electric GE360

41ZM dRXDFL. SL500

General Electric is a manufacturer and supplier that has long been a trusted companion and supporter of the DIY hobbyist. First introduced to the world through their remarkable refrigerators, they continued to innovate the daily home with their products. This silicone is likely to be the best choice that you could make. It is practical and eliminates all the problems that occur with keeping a shower.


General Electric GE360 is a kitchen and tub sealant specifically made to seal tubs, showers, sinks, and tiles. It is a clear silicone caulk that is 100% waterproof and is ideal to use if cracks or other defects appear in your shower. It will seal a great variety of materials and is likely to be of good use in the average home.

It seals ceramic tiles, laminate finishes, porcelain, glass, metal, plastic, granite, and wood easily. It is limited to use only for specified purposes. It cannot be used for anything other than sealing showers and tubs. It is tough, flexible, waterproof, and mold-resistant, making it the most ideal to use.


  • Seals a great variety of sinks, tubs, showers, basins, and countertops
  • Adheres to nearly any surface, including the most frequently used in showers
  • Mold resistant product protection will extend the hygienic quality of your shower
  • Completely waterproof and flexible to use as a sealant against common and advanced problems


  • The sealant is made for specified functions and cannot be used as a multi-sealing agent

Gorilla 100% Silicone Sealer

31lCEj5ouQL. SL500

Gorilla is an American adhesives manufacturer that appeared around 1999. The company’s first production was its legendary range of Gorilla Glues, used for construction and domestic purposes. Ever since then, the brand has expanded into different ranges of adhesives, including sealers and epoxies.


Gorilla 100% Silicone Sealant is a multi-purpose silicone caulk that can be used to seal cracks and spaces between two materials. It is safe to use indoors and outdoors and can be applied for many different purposes. It can be used in automotive sealing, marine use, on glass, and for tubs and showers.

Their manufacturing is among the most trusted, and their products are of high quality that never disappoints. As an ideal suggestion to use in your shower to remedy any form of defects and leakages, we would recommend Gorilla’s 100% Silicone Sealer.

It is completely waterproof, won’t shrink, swell, discolor, or crack. It is also mold and mildew resistant to ensure hygienic safety in your shower. Gorilla 100% Silicone Sealant dries a translucent white as it settles, and is versatile enough to use in every home. It will not disappoint and is an ideal option to try.


  • Mold and mildew friendly formula to provide a hygienic solution
  • Tough and crack free to ensure continued protection
  • Will not discolor, shrink, or warp due to any conditions
  • Waterproof and ideal to use in aquatic sealing
  • It can be used in automotive sealing, marine applications, and on glass


  • Formulation loses clarity as it dries, which may deduct it as an option if a clear sealant is preferred

Momentive Performance Materials 2-Pack Almond

41ZCTki30LL. SL500

Momentive Performance Materials is a silicone adhesives producer founded recently in 2005. It develops the best in innovative sealing products and strives as a company to achieve the new and better. As another good suggestion to use in sealing tubs and showers, we would recommend their Almond set. It is sold in a 2 pack presentation, and if money saving is a priority, it would be an ideal choice.


Their products might be relatively young but have left their mark on the consumer market. The MPM Almond formula is a top of the line and comes highly recommended for a variety of purposes. This sealant can be used as a sealant for tubs, sinks, showers, tiles, countertops, basins, and fixtures.

It is protected against mold as the formula promises at least five years of mold-free active use. It is, therefore, a hygienic option, and because it can adhere to all the common surfaces of showers, it is most ideal to use. The product has a quick-drying formula that extents a promise to be shower ready within three hours.

Even if it is an emergency fix, it will not delay you too long from enjoying your hot shower. It is completely waterproof, will not crack, is flexible, and won’t wash away. The formula is also low odored and adheres to federal regulations. It is both versatile and flexible, as much as it is safe and hygienic. It is a simple option if you want to buy the best for the least amount of money. The two in a pack presentation will fit any budget.

The quality of the product is not compromised, despite being an economical choice. It holds up to international standards and would be the ideal quality to look for. The company solemnly believes that, together with its customers, it can drive to expand what was once thought to be possible. Momentive Performance Materials have listened to what the public needed and created their best-intended silicone sealant yet.


  • A waterproof formula with plenty of protection and versatile functions
  • Can be used to seal fixtures as well, despite being a bathroom specified formula
  • Low odor formula that is friendly to use even by sensitive artisans
  • Tough, long-lasting formula with quick-drying agents for fast action
  • Sold as a two in one package to extend the value of the product for tight budgets


  • Almond colored silicone sealer that might not suit if a clear formulation is needed

Red Devil 0406

314Q6OFuE9L. SL500

When searching for the best sealants on the market, Red Devil is no stranger to the public. Their products have been loved long before they were known as Red Devil. The company was founded in 1872 and has since produced trustworthy products for artisans and masons all over the world. They are a trusted manufacturer whose products are up to international industry standards and are ideal to use in the home. Their Red Devil 0406 Siliconized Acrylic Sealer formula is among the top competitors and as good a choice as any.


The Red Devil0406 formula features all the needed functions of a good bathroom sealant. It is mildew and mold resistant to answer to the need for hygiene and is durable enough to remain flexible and crack free. It will not wash away or flake and will keep your surfaces sealed. It comes in three colors and two size options for small or larger projects. The colors include almond, white, and clear for multi-purposes.

The formula is also completely odorless, making it a breeze to work with, and it is easy to apply, even without years of experience. The formula is fortified with silicone to ensure a life long seal and that will never disappoint you. It adheres to all common surfaces and also includes fiberglass. It will seal ceramic tiles and any common surfaces found in bathrooms and kitchens. It is perfect to use no matter what your preferences and will be of good use in any home.

The best feature of the 0406 formula is that it comes in a choice of three colors to choose from, and is as innovative as the other products. What sets it apart from others, though, is its versatile use. It can be used in automation, glazing, plumbing, and painting.


  • Durable and hygienic formula safe to use in any home or workspace
  • A completely odorless formula that is pleasant to work with and easy to cleanup
  • Waterproof and stain-resistant with a super finished quality
  • Red Devil’s most advanced silicone fortified acrylic formulation
  • Multiple choices of color and container sizes available to choose from


  • Slightly more expensive than their closer competitors

General Electric GE012A All Purpose Sealer

31QOZkoQwsL. SL500

General Electric is one of the most trusted brands available on the sealant market and is endorsed by professionals all over. Their products are loved and adored for three specific reasons. It is an old, quality producer that can be trusted to this day. Their products all adhere to the company’s strict standards, and it is affordable and an excellent option to invest in for contracting business. The wide availability of their products is another good reason why General Electric is the most preferred choice.


The GE formula in their all-purpose GE012A sealer is tough and 100% water and weatherproof. It will not breakdown, flake, wash away, or stain due to any conditions and is flexible enough to use in a variety of professions.

From general sealing around the home, to use in specialized fields, the GE012A formula is made to withstand the worst conditions and will never compromise its seal. The sealant doesn’t shrink or swell to ensure it seals surfaces for a long time to come.

It will adhere to all kinds of surfaces, including the commonly found and a few special types of materials. It has a fast curing agent making it safe to use within 30 minutes of application and is cured against stains and mildew or mold formation. It is a good hygienic choice, and exceeds even the finest sealants on the market in quality, and is still more affordable than most other brands.

If you need a better, all-purpose product from GE, this would be the ideal product to use. It can seal the shower and can be used on fixtures, as well as for many other projects. The formula is color-free and safe to use if a clear formulation is needed.

Using a good, quality product that is backed by warranties and guarantees is what allows contractors to sign certificates with confidence. As a DIY enthusiast that may not know these trade secrets, it is recommended that you at least try their products. As an alternative to our prime selection, we have chosen GE’s all-purpose sealer.


  • High standard guaranteed product for versatile multi-purposes
  • A hygienic formulation that is stain and mold resistant to ensure life long quality
  • Permanently flexible formula ideal to use as a crack or leakage sealant
  • Fast curing formula for quick drying and use within thirty minutes of application
  • Ideal for exterior use and indoor sealing at home and work


  • An odorous formula that may displease sensitive artisans and homeowners


There you have it. We took the liberty of providing you with a convenient list of quality choices to seal your defective shower with. Which one you choose to use is mostly up to your personal preferences. Since all these products are top of the line, we cannot suggest one specific one.

However, when it comes to the professional’s preferences, the General Electric products do stand out. They are a favorite in the contracting and construction industries and is a widely trusted brand. If for some reason you disagree, there are still plenty of others to choose from. If the budget is not a deterrent, then opt for MPM or Gorilla’s formula.

Either is a good choice and will do the job superbly. Choose at your leisure. Just keep in mind all the pros and cons you’ve learned here. With that in mind, you will be able to choose the best product to suit your needs as well as your budget. All of the products discussed here have their own merits and will work great to make your life easier.

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