Best Silicone Rings of 2022: Complete Reviews with Comparison

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It so often happens that you hear about an accident where the ring on someone’s finger caused them to lose that finger. That is because of the nature of the metal it is made of that such bad things happen.

We all want to wear our wedding rings because it is important to us and shows respect for our spouses. The problem is that many people work in an environment where they are not allowed to wear their rings because of safety.

Luckily for us, there is an alternative in these trending silicone rings, and we are looking at the best silicone rings in this review.

Best Silicone Ring Reviews

Comparison Chart

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ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring For Women, Affordable Silicone Rubber Wedding Bands Bridal Sets – Glitters & Metallic – White-Black Marble, White-Rose Gold marble Colors – Size 7
Knot Theory Silicone Wedding Ring Band for Men Women: Superior Non Bulky Rubber Rings – Premium Quality, Style, Comfort – Ideal Bands for Gym, Work, Hunting, Sports, and Travels
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Rinfit Silicone Wedding Rings for Women – 5 Pack – Comfortable Durable Wedding Ring Replacement – U.S. Design Patent (Black, Pastel Peach, White, Pastel Green, Pastel Pink, 5)
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ThunderFit Women’s Silicone Wedding Ring – Rubber Wedding Band – 5.5mm Wide, 2mm Thick (Teal, Purple, White, Silver, Bronze, Black Glitter, Pink Glitter – Size 5.5-6 (16.5mm))
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Egnaro Silicone Wedding Ring for Women,Thin and Stackble Braided Rubber Wedding Bands,No-Toxic,Skin Safe(13-Black,Rose Gold,White,Pink Sand,Ultra Violet,Black Gray,Mint Green,Ivory, 4(15.3mm))

ROQ Silicone Wedding Ring

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This silicone ring is a very good replacement ring for your wedding band, and it is available in many colors. This will help you to keep pace with the latest fashion or just use the right color for your daily outfit.

Product Highlights

With the ROQ silicone wedding, you can get the right size for you because it is available in many sizes. This will help pregnant women to get a different size for them even if their fingers are swollen from their pregnancy.

These silicone rings are heat resistant and can even be used by people that work in a warm environment. So this is an excellent solution if you want to wear a wedding band but are not allowed because of the metal.

There is one problem with the ROQ silicone rings, and that is some people may be allergic to silicone. This type of allergy is only a type of skin irritation but may still cause some discomfort when you wear it.

This fine and lightweight silicone ring will show well on your fingers in the different colors it is available. It is also available in different size packets of single, 4’s, and 7’s for your convenience.

The Good

You may be allowed to wear these silicone rings in places where you are not allowed to wear a wedding band. It is manufactured from high-quality medical-grade silicone that makes it safe to use in most environments.

The Bad

You may find the ring is too loose after time, and that is because the silicone material may stretch over time. Even if the rings are very affordable, it may cost you some extra money to always have it available.


  • These rings are available in many sizes
  • You get a thin and lightweight and breathable silicone ring
  • There is a 100% lifetime warranty
  • They are heat resistant to protect you from burning


  • Some people may have a silicone allergy and may react badly to it
  • The ring will stretch over time leaving you with an oversized ring

Silicone Wedding Ring Band By Knot Theory

This silicone ring is great to use in most environments, even for those not allowed due to their profession. It is safe to wear by automotive engineers as well as electrical people because the material it is made of is non-conductive.

Product Highlights

Sometimes you are not allowed to wear your wedding ring because it may harm you, but you can replace it. With this silicone ring, you can keep on wearing your wedding band but one made from safer materials that are not harmful to you.

You may develop dry skin with this silicone ring because of the groove-less design that traps no moisture beneath it. The ergonomic design of this silicone ring help to prevent a finger muffin-top no matter the shape of your fingers.

Though it is made from high-quality materials, it is not made from medical grade silicone and may not be safe in all environments. Also, the solid color rings are only available in a single pack, while other colors can be bought in multi-size packs.

The silicone rings from Knot Theory are available in many colors and sizes for all finger sizes and shapes. You can get quite a variety of styles of silicone rings at very affordable prices at your disposal.

The Good

When it becomes necessary for you to remove your wedding band from your finger because of the metal, do not despair. You can use these silicone rings in the place of your wedding ring, and it will look just like the real thing.

The Bad

Those solid color rings that may look like the real thing are unfortunately only available in a single pack. The silicone wedding rings are not engravable, and you may not have an exact copy of your real wedding band.

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  • The silicone ring is non-conductive to work with electricity safely
  • You get a precise replica of a metal wedding ring
  • With this ring, you will be safe from snagging with the streamlined design
  • The ergonomic design gives you a perfect fitting and breathable silicone ring


  • The solid colored rings are only available in single packs
  • It is not made from medical graded materials

Silicone Wedding Band from Rinfit

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The silicone ring from Rinfit is available for men and women and comes in a variety of colors and shapes. The wedding bands for men are quite large at 9 millimeters, and those for women are 6 millimeters wide.

Product Highlights

It is made from high-quality materials and is almost unbreakable and will last for a long time to come. This ring is the ideal wedding ring replacement for those sportsmen and women that practice hard and fast in extreme sports.

The replacement warranty you get from the suppliers of these rings will make sure you get the ring that fits all the time. These silicone wedding bands are classy and elegant to wear with every type of outfit or occasion.

Unfortunately, the Rinfit wedding band ring is not available in sizes smaller than 5 for now but may be available in the future. The materials it is made of is not of medical grade and may not be suitable for those people in the food industry.

With the Rinfit silicone ring, you will always get a product that is made from a fine and high-quality material. And on top of that, you will always get the perfect fit with every purchase. You also get a replacement policy with Rinfit.

The Good

This silicone wedding band will stand out for its good looks and great quality as well as durability. Active and sporty people can use it, and it will last and endure the rough handling of an active lifestyle.

The Bad

The strength of this great silicone ring may count against it for those people that are working with their hands or with machines. It can not be used in the food industry where you need a food-grade material ring to be allowed to wear it.


  • This silicone wedding band is made from high-quality materials
  • It is almost unbreakable and sits comfortably on the finger
  • You can order it in many different colors
  • The replacement warranty ensures you get the right size ring


  • The wedding band style rings are not available in sizes smaller than 5
  • It is not made from medical grade materials, so it is not food safe

Silicone Rings by ThunderFit

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This is the perfect ring to replace your wedding ring for safekeeping if you are a very active person. It is made from strong silicone materials that will stand the test of time and any rough handling you through its way.

Product Highlights

Even if you have very thick fingers, these rings will stretch to fit all sizes and not break that easily. If it is your concern that fraying or pet hair may get stuck to it, be at ease, as this will not happen.

You will not even notice the ring on your finger if you do not see it there, that is how lightweight they are. To make sure you get what you want and the right size, you get a 90-day money-back guarantee.

This wedding band is a bit narrow in width but can be used as stackable rings if you choose. It may also wear out over time, and you will sit with a silicone ring that is too big for you.

The durability of this silicone ring makes a great value for your money, and it will last a lifetime. It is very lightweight and sits comfortably on the finger and can be used with a very active lifestyle.

The Good

You get many different colored rings that will suit many different outfits and can be used as fashion accessories or statement. These silicone rings are available as single items or can be purchased in a pack of 7 for greater versatility.

The Bad

You may have a ring that is too big for your finger after a while if it is allowed to stretch too much. The silicone wedding band from ThunderFit is quite narrow and may not be recognized as a wedding ring.


  • These silicone rings are very durable to withstand an active life
  • They are quite flexible for larger size fingers
  • They have a 100% lifetime guarantee and 90-day money-back guarantee
  • These silicone rings are lightweight and very comfortable


  • They will stretch out over time and become too big
  • The wedding bands are quite narrow at 5.5 millimeters

Braided Silicone Rings by Egnaro

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With these braided silicone wedding rings that are available in many colors, you will be able to have one for every outfit. They are made very stylish and are of an elegant design to suit any occasion and are very fashionable.

Product Highlights

The medical-grade material this silicone ring is made of makes it quite safe to use by people that are in the food industry. It is also a great replacement wedding ring if you want to keep yours safe and sound.

There is an Egnaro silicone ring for every finger size out there, and if your fingers are too thick, it will stretch. It is very durable and lightweight and sits onto the finger very comfortably without too much notice to it.

The seams on the inside of the ring may make a bit uncomfortable to wear for too long and may be irritating. If you are not careful, this ring may stretch over time to become too big and may fall off from your finger.

With the elegant style of this silicone ring, you can wear it with many types of outfits and to different occasions. It is available in many colors as well as neutral colors to make it a classic fashionable accessory.

The Good

Your very valuable wedding band will be kept safe while you are wearing the silicone wedding ring as a replacement. It is quite durable and will be well suited for the very active sportsperson and those working with their hands.

The Bad

There is a chance that some people may get some irritating allergic reactions to the silicone the rings are made from. This may cause some discomfort and will irritate the skin for those people that are allergic to silicone.


  • The ring is braided to add some fashion sense to your style
  • It is available in many different colors for a variety of outfits
  • Made from medical grade silicone to make it food safe as well
  • It will stretch to fit even large fingers, and it is breathable


  • The ring comes with visible seams on the inside
  • It may stretch too much overtime to become oversized


This is an information piece that will guide you through the steps in choosing the right silicone ring for you. Though it may be deemed unnecessary to inform someone regarding the selection of a silicone substitute wedding ring, it is important.

There are a lot of different features that are not owned by all silicone rings, and it is true that they are not made equal. Many different styles and types of silicone rings are available on the market for your convenience.

Let us have a close look at the features and characteristics that are available with all the different types of silicone rings.


There are many different types of designs for silicone rings. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options.

The Wedding Band for Men

This type of silicone ring is very popular among people who are working in professions where no metal rings are allowed. The silicone wedding ring is also popular among sportsmen taking part in extreme sports and machine workouts in gyms.

The Wedding Band for Women

The original wedding rings are kept safe at home and are then replaced with these silicone rings. These silicone rings are quite durable and very reliable to use in many circumstances, and they look like wedding bands.

Other Designs

  • Braided wedding rings for women
  • Narrow rings that are stackable
  • Couture designs
  • Star designs


These silicone rings are available for many sizes of fingers and come in narrow sizes and broader wedding bands. The wedding rings for women are up to 6 mm wide and those for men are 8 mm and 9 mm wide.

The following table will show you the different sizes of the various numbers they are sold in and is just a general estimation. Every manufacturer has its own table of sizes and numbers they sell their rings in.

Size 5 – 15.7 mmSize 6 – 16.51 mmSize 7 – 17.32 mmSize 8 – 18.14 mmSize 9 – 18.95 mmSize 10 – 19.76 mmSize 11 – 20.57 mmSize 12 – 21.39 mmSize 13 – 22.20 mm

Silicone Quality

Some of these silicone rings are made from high-quality and very durable silicone materials that are quite safe to use. Other types of silicone materials that are used are medical-grade silicones that are safe to use in clinical environments.

Another quality of these silicone rings is that they can be non-conductive to protect the wearer from electrical shock through the metal. And then there are the silicone rings that are made from heat-resistant silicone, which is most types of silicone.


Many times before, you may have heard of people that had their wedding rings caught in machines that damaged their fingers. This was because the rings are made of metal, and even the ring itself may damage your finger.

It may rip all the flesh from the bone, or it can remove the skin from your finger when it gets caught. But with silicone rings, it will be a different story where the ring would rather break than your finger.

Value Versus Price

Silicone rings are relatively cheap and can easily be replaced if one breaks, and it will not break the bank. There are quite durable silicone rings available on the market that will last a lifetime but will save you a finger.

That means you get great value for your money, and it is quite an investment. While in the meantime, it will help to keep your expensive wedding ring safe from damage. It may turn that silicone rings will help to keep you safe and save you money in the process.


Are Silicone Rings Safe To Wear?

Yes, they are safe to wear if you are not allergic to silicone. If you are, then the silicone will irritate your skin. Otherwise, it is safer to wear a silicone ring if you are, for instance, working with electricity.

This means simply that silicone is, in nature, a non-conductive material that will help to save your life compared to a metal ring. Metal rings are naturally good conductors and may just cause electrical shock where there is live power around.

What Are The Best Silicone Ring Brands?

Three names stand out in the silicone ring industry, and these names are:

These names are synonymous with great silicone rings but are also the most expensive silicone rings available on the market. There are many other names on the market that sell good quality silicone rings at affordable prices and are worth mentioning.

  • ROQ
  • Knot Theory
  • RinFit
  • ThunderFit
  • Egnaro

Do Silicone Rings Stretch?

Some silicone rings do stretch and are made like that with a purpose, which is to fit larger fingers. It is also possible for these silicone rings to stretch too much over time, leaving you with an oversized ring.

The nature of silicone is that it is a stretchy type of material and may stretch quite a lot. It may be in the same nature as an elastic band.

How Long Do Silicone Rings Last?

Silicone rings can last a lifetime if they are made from durable and high-quality materials and are not overly stretched and damaged. Silicone rings are often made from special medical grade silicone, and these materials are quite durable enough to last quite long.

The materials the silicone rings are made of can take lots of damage, and it will not change at all. If they are taken good care of these silicone rings can last just as long as your metal wedding rings.

Can You Engrave Silicone Rings?

Silicone rings can be engraved with specialized and very sophisticated engraving machines that are used by jewelers. Some of these companies also make use of laser technology to engrave silicone rings.

Unfortunately, not all types of silicone rings are able to be engraved, and only specific designs and styles can be engraved. Women silicone rings are unfortunately too narrow to engrave on, and usually, only a few characters can be engraved on broader rings.


In this review, all these available silicone rings are equally great, and some have amazing features that are commendable. But the final choice falls on the silicone wedding band that is available for men and women from Rinfit. These silicone rings have excellent quality and versatility.

We highly recommend trying out one of these rings if you want something that offers more flexibility than a traditional metal ring. Plus, you can select from different colors, so you can find the perfect one for you.

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