Can You Shrink Silicone Rings?

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Maybe you are considering buying a silicone ring. That is good. The benefits of silicone bands are numerous, and their downsides are few. But maybe you are still hesitant to buy one because you are not quite sure how durable they are. There may be a few questions on your mind with regards to this.

Luckily, you have come to the right place as this article will help you answer those lingering questions. So let’s get started with the most important questions – how durable are silicone rings – because if they are not durable, shrinking them may not be possible.

How Durable Are Silicone Rings?

To put it simply: pretty darn durable. The silicone rubber allows for a lot of flexibility and stretchiness. It would take quite a bit for you to break one of them. With that being said – unlike metal-based rings – they can still break, and they are designed to do so when enough torque has been applied, or when they are put under enough pressure.

This is intentionally done as a safety measure. Metal-based rings – which probably includes your wedding band – can sometimes be a hazard, especially if you are working with your hands. Their metal-based composition means that they can conduct both heat and electricity. And even if you do not plan on sticking your hand into a fireplace or touching an exposed wire, they can present other threats as well. If they are caught in a piece of machinery, you may walk away short of a finger.

Silicone rings, therefore, are a safer alternative. They are still durable enough to work well in everyday use, and are often marketed to athletes, electricians, and musicians. Anyone who works extensively with their hands and fingers is likely to benefit from a silicone alternative to their traditional ring. They will not break from a drop or a scrape; you would have to do a lot in order to get one of them to crack.

So… Can You Shrink Silicone Rings?

The short answer is yes, but not without effort.

Silicone rings are not naturally prone to shrinking. It is true that silicone rubber can be shrunk, but it takes a lengthy process to do so. Silicone rings are designed to be able to endure wear and tear, so shrinking them will take quite a bit.

Under normal circumstances, they will not shrink. You need to intentionally try to shrink them – even then, however, the results would be questionable at best.

Why Would You Shrink a Silicone Ring?

Other than curiosity and experimentation, there is pretty much only one reason as to why you may want to shrink your silicone ring.

You may have purchased one whose fit is too big. That can be quite annoying. After all, silicone rings are meant for comfort and safety, and having it dangle about your finger is neither comfortable nor safe.

To this end, you may want to try shrinking the ring to make it a better size. You are in for quite a task. While you may be spending more, it would probably be easier to simply buy a better-sized ring.

Can You Shrink Silicone Rings

How Do You Shrink a Silicone Ring?

If for some reason you want to shrink your silicone ring, there is a method to be followed.

Things You Will Need:

  • A deep pot
  • A decent-sized towel
  • Some tongs

Step One

Start by heating water to a rolling boil. You need to make sure that the pot you use is big enough to allow the ring to be submerged without touching the bottom of the pot.

Step Two

Place the ring into the water for about 10 to 15 seconds at a time. This will cause it to soften. Keep a timer handy to keep the ring from steeping for too long as this can cause melting.

Step Three

Take the ring out with some tongs and dry it quickly with your towel. Be aware not to use a dryer for this part as direct exposure to heat can cause the ring to melt.

Step Four

Place the ring on your finger to see if it fits. Allow it to cool for a bit so that it can tighten around your finger, allowing for a better fit.

You can repeat this process until your ring fits. Be aware, however, that this can damage the ring. The ring can shrink unevenly or melt if it is exposed to too much heat.


The simple answer to all of this is: yes, your silicone ring can shrink, but not without considerable effort. If you were hesitant to buy one for fear that it may shrink, do not worry as it really should not shrink under normal conditions. If you wanted to know if you could shrink the silicone ring you have already purchased, you can. But if you are intending to shrink it for a better fit, it is a better idea to just buy a new one.

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