Enso Silicone Rings Review

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Rings can have so many purposes. They are perhaps the most versatile of all jewelry pieces that can carry a lot of meaning and value. We wear them as seals of friendship and to further extend as wedding bands. Rings have often been worn as symbolic proclamations of belonging to a specific society or to even express vows and promises.

Rings carry symbolic meanings and are often used as reminders of our vows. That is why we love Enso rings. Keep reading to find out more about them.

Enso Rings Review

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Enso is a jewelry manufacturer that recently introduced the world to the concept of creating silicone rings. Their vision is driven by eliminating the hassles of wearing rings. Using silicone makes it possible for people who are allergic to traditional materials also to have the chance to express themselves. They have a wide variety of choices and designs to choose from, among which is their infinity collection.

The most significant benefit of supporting Enso is the fact that they go beyond to reach out to the community. They often support charity affiliations close to their heart and do this with the motivation of selling the symbolism of wearing rings.

Who is This Product For?

Enso rings are ideal for anyone suffering from allergies to traditional metals like gold, silver, or copper and cannot wear any form of typical jewelry. People with hazardous occupations that find it difficult to wear rings at work will benefit from the comfort and functionality of Enso Rings. They are designed to be smooth and rounded, so they would never get stuck or snag on anything.

The design also allows a better fit that will ensure it does not fall off your finger. People with sensitive skin would also appreciate the hypoallergenic nature of using silicone. It is safe to wear and will provide a comfortable fit that would not cause any skin irritation of any kind.

What is Included?

When purchasing a ring from Enso, what you add to it is merely your choice. You will most likely only receive the ring unless you specifically purchased a set or special offer. Enso’s motto is ‘Commit to what you love.’ When selecting Enso as a gift for a friend or life partner, that is precisely what you will get with your purchase. The chance to express commitment and love.

Overview of Features

The innovation spent on Enso rings comes from the use of high-grade jewelry silicone for the making of their rings. It is the source of its friendly design that will encourage even allergic and sensitive skin to wear it. The Anti Ring Avulsion feature added to their rings will provide you with a smooth ring that cannot snag or get caught on fabrics or the like.

The silicone also provides a light feel to the ring and ensures a comforting, tight fit. The silicone used is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic medical-grade material that will not cause any irritations. The infinity design and motif are specially made to express timeless love.

Enso rings are ideal as friendship rings and wedding bands for both him and her. There are numerous colors to choose from, and if the infinity range is not suitable, there are plenty of other designs to select from.


There is hardly anything special to fitting your ring. We would only suggest that you find the correct size and measure beforehand to avoid awkward presentations. We can not tell you how to present the gift or why you should wear a ring. But if for any reason it is unsatisfactory or does not fit, Enso has a lifetime return policy and will exchange. Terms and conditions would apply, so check these to be safe and certain.


  • The hypoallergenic, medical-grade silicone material is friendly to sensitive skin
  • Anti Ring Avulsion technology will provide a smooth snag-free ring with a comfortable feel to it
  • Safe fitment with plenty of assorted colors to choose from
  • Stylish designs and quality approved fashionable jewelry pieces


  • Sizes and colors may vary in price, the prime ones being a bit more expensive
  • The infinity design does not use expensive stones or added decorations to make it a suitable wedding band for her


Enso offers plenty of alternatives to the infinity range. Some ranges include metallic element influences and a few that incorporate the idea of your birthstone into the coloring and make. If Enso products for some reason are no good, you can try Groove or QALO. These manufacturers also make friendly silicone rings.


For whatever commitment you want to express, whether marriage, friendship, purity vows, or simple decoration, then Enso has the friendliest rings that you can wear on your finger. What is keeping you? If you have no reason to wear a ring, then the thought of supporting Enso’s charity initiatives would be an expression enough to buy one today. After all, Enso only makes rings with a purpose.

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