How to Clean a Silicone Ring

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So, you have decided to invest in a silicone ring of your choosing. Good for you! Silicone rings are a great purchase for anyone looking for a safe, cost-effective substitute for their traditional, metal-based wedding bands or other rings. Their flexibility and added safety make them versatile for use in any situation or environment.

But while silicone rings are versatile, they still require some care and maintenance. Granted, you will not find yourself worrying over them as much as you would your precious wedding band, but you should still make sure they are kept clean in order for them to last.

So we are going to take a look at how to clean a silicone ring so you can keep yours in tip-top condition no matter how much you choose to wear it. Let’s get right into it, shall we?

First Things First – What To Know About Silicone Rings

Before anything, you should know that silicone rings are hypoallergenic – they are not as likely as other materials to cause an allergic reaction. However, an allergy to silicone – while rare – is possible.

Some signs of a silicone allergy include itchy skin and a bumpy rash when you come into direct contact with silicone. If you encounter any of these symptoms, you would best be served by consulting your doctor to determine whether or not you have an allergy to silicone. Keep in mind, however, that these symptoms could also merely be signs of bacterial infection. (In that case, you should probably still consult your doctor.)

Why Should You Clean a Silicone Ring?

A lot of people often encounter a ring-shaped rash around their finger. Even if you have worn a silicone ring for months without any problems, the rash can still appear, without warning or any previous signs.

This skin irritation is called ring-rash. Often ring-rash has nothing to do with the silicone itself, but rather the bacterial build-up that forms after not keeping the ring clean for a while. However, ring-rash looks a lot like an allergic reaction to silicone, with the same distinctive, bumpy rash. Because of the visual similarities, people often mistake ring-rash for a silicone allergy.

The best way to avoid this nasty affliction is to wash your ring regularly. You do not have to go above and beyond, you just have to do enough to keep it reasonably clean.

How to Clean a Silicone Ring

How Do You Clean a Silicone Ring?

Cleaning your silicone ring can be done in the same way you would clean almost anything – with soap and hot water. If you want to be really thorough, there is another way to do it as well.

For this, you will need a bowl, a toothbrush, half a cup of vinegar, a quarter of a cup of hydrogen peroxide, and to be able to boil water.

Step One

To start, add the vinegar and hydrogen peroxide into the bowl and let the ring soak for a while (about 30 to 45 minutes, or overnight if you want). The mixture will not damage the ring in any. You may worry though about the bubbles that may form while the ring is being soaked. This too is nothing to worry about – all it is is the mixture purifying the ring of any bacteria.

Step Two

After the ring has soaked for long enough, give it a good scrubbing with the toothbrush to clean any excess dirt or grit.

Step Three

Your ring is probably adequately clean by now. At this point, letting it steep in boiling water may seem like overkill. You can feel free to skip this last step if you are happy that your ring is clean enough. If you want to be completely thorough, soak the ring in boiling water as well for a few minutes, after which your ring will be properly cleaned.

This process only needs to be followed once every three months or so. Even if you have never struggled with ring-rash, it is still a good idea to keep your silicone ring clean, for the purposes of both safety and hygiene.

Maintaining Your Silicone Ring

Cleaning your ring regularly is not the only thing you need to be doing in order to make sure it lasts and is safe to use. Luckily, the everyday maintenance of your ring requires considerably less effort than cleaning it. You just need to be aware of what could cause the ring to get dirty. Take it off when you are in the shower or when you are sleeping and you should be fine.


Silicone rings, while durable, require just a little bit of care and upkeep on your part. But the work required to maintain them and keep them clean is minimal, and it is worth it to prevent a nasty case of ring-rash. So all you need to do is know how to clean it and that is it! So give your ring a good clean and enjoy the flexibility offered by it.

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