How to Make Sticky Bras Sticky Again: Tips and Tricks

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You have probably never wondered about the use of a sticky bra: the question “I wonder what it does” has probably never entered your mind in any un-ironic manner. But if it has, you are going to love this next part.

You may have possibly wondered, however, “Why the heck isn’t my sticky bra sticking anymore?” In this article, we will try our best to answer this frequently asked question.

What we will explore is how to reverse that, how to put the sticky back in sticky bras. It is probably a lot simpler than you may have thought it is. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at how to make sticky bras sticky again once they have lost their ability to do what they are made for – sticking.

What You Need To Do

Here is the simple process of what you need to do to get your sticky bra sticky again.

The First Step

The first step is not even a step, really. It is more of a preemptive action, but it may just be one of the most important details about this sticky ordeal.

The first step is this: take your sticky bra off properly. In fact, put it on properly as well. The stickiness will never last forever, but you can do something to make sure that it lasts a while longer. Putting it on and taking it off are steps that we tend to overlook, and there is a right and a wrong way to do both.

The Right Way to Put It On

This is simple, but a lot of people tend to forget this. You need to make sure that the area where the bra is going to be applied (probably – hopefully – your breasts) is clean and dry. Moisture can quickly get rid of that stickiness we so desperately love. Make sure you are getting dressed somewhere where you are not likely to start sweating. If you want to go the extra mile, air dry yourself first.

The Right Way to Take It Off

Aggressively yanking your sticky friend off will only damage his adhesive capabilities. Instead, peel the bra off slowly and carefully to ensure it stays sticky for longer. This way you can also probably avoid damaging your own skin, but that is a topic for another article entirely.

How to Make Sticky Bras Sticky Again

How to Make It Sticky?

The simple truth is that it is very easy to make your sticky bra sticky again.

Clean It

You will often find that the lack of adhesive qualities is simply due to the bra not having been cleaned in some time. Simply taking a few minutes to give it a good wash can work wonders in recapturing that stickiness.

Once your sticky bra has been taken off the right way you should do what you can to clean it immediately. If it is left for too long, it will accumulate more dust and lint which can greatly – negatively – affect its sticky capabilities.

Here, you will find a quick guide on how to clean your sticky bra properly.

Use Warm Water

This is gentle on the bra and the adhesive. Do not make the water too cold or tepid, but also not too hot as you do not want to burn yourself.

Use Hand Wash

This stuff is generally pretty easy on the skin, and so it is no surprise that it is also easy on the bra. Add a few drops to the water and allow it to mix for a bit.

Use Your Hands

That is right. Unfortunately, using a cloth or something similar can damage the bra and the adhesive, leaving behind microfibers. They can also be quite abrasive and rough. Instead, use the palms of your hands to gently rub away any dirt or grime you may see.

Rinse It

Once you are happy that the bra has been adequately cleaned, rinse it off under some clean water. Make sure it is free of any droplets before you set it out to dry.

Dry It

Do not use tissues or towels to dry your sticky bra. Again, the microfibers and rough textures can be damaging to the bra. Rather just set your bra out on a clean, dry surface, sticky side up, and let it dry on its own overnight. Make sure that there is plenty of airflow to the bra – do not put it in a cupboard as this could cause moisture issues.

Final Thoughts

Sticky bras are one of the greatest frustrations for most women. This is because they can be so tricky to keep sticky. But if you remember to keep them clean, you can help them retain their stickiness for quite a while. All it takes is just a little care and maintenance to keep or make your sticky bras sticky. In fact, both those things can go a long way to preserving the lifespan of your sticky bras.

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