QALO Silicone Ring Review

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Rings are worn for a variety of reasons. It is among the most fascinating behavior traits that are, as of yet, only seen in humans. The motivations and reasons for wearing rings have fascinated profilers and behavioral psychologists since the dawn of science.

It is commonly found that humans are the only creatures who actually find it comfortable to wear jewelry. Let’s see what these rings have in store for you.

QALO Silicone Rings

QALO has its origins in California, Santa Ana, in the United States of America as the business initiative of two friends. Ted Baker and KC Holiday founded the company in 2013. The original idea presented itself as the two friends sought to find a solution for the bothers of wearing rings. Both were recently wedded and had struggles with wearing their wedding band due to occupational hazards.

After sustaining occupational injuries, KC Holiday began working on the idea of making silicone rings that are friendlier to use. Since then, the company has grown and now also makes baseball caps and shirts. Their rings are designed for practicality, expression, fashion, and durability for those with labor-intensive occupations.

Who Are These Silicone Rings For?

Their rings are specifically advertised and sold as wedding bands for professionals in hazardous occupations where rings are considered a safety risk. Occupations like these would include electricians, who could stand the chance of snagging the ring against a live wire. People working with heavy machinery or tools would also benefit from their bands.

People with sensitive skin would also love QALO jewelry and find it as an alternative to traditional wedding rings. These rings are suitable for anyone looking to take the hazard out of wearing rings. If you go to the gym often, then you would know that rings can get caught on the rubbers of gymnasium equipment.

What Is Included?

There is nothing special added to the package of your purchase. You will receive only the ring with your purchase unless you have searched for a special deal or package. QALO does have a return policy, and their rings come with a satisfaction warranty. You can feel free to return it if the product is unsatisfactory, the wrong size, or color.

Overview of Features

QALO is an acronym that stands for Quality, Athletics, Love, and Outdoors. QALO expressly does its best to hold up to these four promises that are worked into the title of their company. Their quality is outstanding, delivering the best in make and customer service to provide only excellence. They attempt to make the safest rings to wear for athletes and professionals of all sorts.

Their products are marketed to please sports professionals more than any traditional finger wear. They incorporate the same symbolism as found in other rings, and marriage was their motivation to creating their Q2X and classic ranges. Their rings are made of medical-grade silicone, and thus offer a hypoallergenic solution that is smooth and comfortable to wear.

They also included in the design a feature in their rings that allows it to snap off if caught or snagged on something. The durability of their rings is also widely celebrated. Artisans who work in harsh conditions and with industrial equipment need not fear ruining or damaging their rings.

How to Wear QALO Silicone Rings

There is nothing special about wearing or fitting your QALO ring. Simply put it on and express the value of your purpose or commitment. The only suggestion to help you get the best from their rings is to measure the size before buying your chosen ring. QALO has an active exchange program if difficulties occur, or if it is not the right color or size.


  • Safe, medical-grade silicone is used for the manufacturing of their rings to provide the best comfort
  • Snap off function will secure your hands from possible injuries in case of snagging or getting caught in something
  • Durable and tough design that makes it suitable for athletes, industrious artisans, and outdoor life
  • Fashionable designs in the classic range and hip, practical designs among their Q2X range


  • Prices vary and increase with the exchange of size and color
  • Does not have as wide a selection of available colors and styling options as competitors do


Alternatively, you can also search for manufacturers like Groove or Enso, who also design and manufacture safe options and friendly silicone made rings. QALO has a few designs and ranges, but their selection is not as broad as other manufacturers. If, for reason of indifference with their styling options, you can feel free to search for another brand.


Conclusively, the QALO brand is trusted by many, including a few famous sports stars and film sirens. If you need a safer alternative to traditional jewelry for whatever reason, we would suggest any of QALO’s jewelry products. They are ideal for rough adventurers, professionals, and are stylishly designed to please anyone. Their marble colored classic is one of their most beautiful designs that you can look for.

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