Why Wear a Silicone Ring?

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Sometimes the grip of a ring – wedding, or otherwise – can be detrimental to your well-being. That may sound like a bit of a stretch (you will understand that pun later), but the consequences of having something woven that tight around your finger can be all too severe.

If you have ever felt that your wedding band is just a little too tight, there may be a solution for that. (No, it is not divorcing your spouse to feel free again; that requires a whole other solution entirely).

The answer to this particular predicament is simple. Let’s take a look.

Silicone Rings – What Are They?

Silicone rings are, quite simply, rings made of silicone rubber. Their material makes them heat-resistant and non-conductive. They are generally used as a safer alternative to standard wedding rings, though you can use them however you wish.

Silicone rings are not a particularly new concept (they have been in use since 1996, at least), but their use has grown significantly in recent years. A lot of people have discovered the necessity of owning one of these quaint little bands.

Why Wear a Silicone Ring?

As mentioned previously, a traditional metal ring can lead to serious injury. You may not think so at first. After all, how can something so small be that dangerous? But those injuries involving wedding rings and others of its kind occur more frequently than you may believe.

A famous case involves famous late-night talk show host Jimmy Fallon. The presenter almost lost his finger when his wedding ring got caught on his kitchen counter. The ring was severely damaged in the incident. Worse, however, is the fact that he nearly lost his finger in the accident; he has since stated that he would not put his ring back on.

Having a silicone ring can help you to avoid such a debacle. (You will not eliminate the danger in its entirety, however, but more on that later).

Silicone rings are heat-resistant and non-conductive. If you work with electricity or heat, I do not need to explain why having one of these would be a good thing.

Besides the benefit of added safety, silicone rings also provide more comfort than traditional rings made of metal.

Why Wear a Silicone Ring

Who Uses Them?

A lot of people can benefit from having a silicone ring. For starters, any occupation in which you work extensively with your hands may warrant extra safety precautions. But the list of people who can notice a difference in the use of a silicone ring is rather extensive.

In the early days of the inception of silicone rings, they were mostly marketed to athletes and body-builders. As more and more people outside of the sports industry have begun to use them, however, they they have been sold more generally.


We will start with an occupation you have never expected to benefit from the use of silicone rings. That is right. As you know, musicians work extensively with their hands and fingers.

Guitarists, in particular, often have difficulty moving their hands about quietly. It is bad enough if you accidentally knock your hand against your instrument, and even worse if your ring bashes it. The scratching makes a loud noise and can take away from your music.

A silicone ring can somewhat eliminate that. Keeping your hands quiet while you play requires a different solution. Still, a substitute silicone ring can help to avoid any other noise your fingers may make.


Here is one you probably would have expected. It is no secret that mechanics work a lot with their hands. Unlike musicians, though, if a mechanic lets their hand slip, it can be incredibly dangerous.

Mechanics often work in environments where there is a lot of heat and electricity just waiting to find their way into the mechanic’s conductive metal ring. They can often come away with severe burns and scarring, and in worse cases, they may find themselves short of a finger.

If you are a mechanic, it would be a seriously good idea to get yourself a silicone ring.


Although silicone rings are not marketed exclusively to athletes anymore, they are still useful if you are a runner, swimmer, or weight-lifter.

The activities involved in work-out regimens can be damaging in and of themselves. They can also damage your precious wedding ring. You can lose the jewel of your ring in a boxing glove, or you can lose the whole ring if you are out swimming.

A silicone ring can adapt to the movements of your fingers, preventing their loss. It is far more reassuring to know that you will not lose your valuable bond of matrimony while you are keeping fit.


Like all things, silicone rings are not entirely without their faults. They do not completely prevent injury – they can still be caught in things before breaking, and the silicone rubber can get quite uncomfortable. You also will not be fooling anyone into thinking that they are the real deal.

But their benefits are extensive, and their added safety will always be of good use. Consider investing in one of these silicone babies. You probably will not regret it.

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